How It Works:

Our courses are built to fill in the common knowledge gaps that children and young adults have in life. Courses are designed to prepare people for life experiences, so when they first encounter that experience that they know generally what to do. It might appear obvious to you what to do if you're involved in a car accident, but for someone who has no experience or has never been taught what to do under that stress it can be an incredibly foreign experience. You want people to have a general knowledge base to guide them out of circumstances to mitigate their risk, danger, or costs. The same is trues for taxes, health, law and the rest of our subjects.

Gaps exist for many reasons; we live in an increasingly complex world, parents are stretched thin for time and aren't necessarily experts in all subjects, and schools focus on good traditional learning, but that means they often have little ability to expand into subjects that we cover. We also cover several subjects that you may have encountered in high school if you got the elective, but that most people do not. Lastly, we cover some topics again. Our most notable one is "Career Planning". Sometimes you're just not ready for the message when you're in high school and we think it is invaluable to understand and therefore we offer what we view as multi-leveled deep approach to this subject.

BC Focused

Every single one of our courses are tailored specifically for life in British Columbia. For the same reason that provinces are responsible for their own education systems we knew it was best to be as targeted as possible. Taxes are different here than the rest of Canada, insurance is different, government resources are different. The more accurate the information is to your environment the more impactful it is.

High School Students & Young Adults

Our primary students are high school students and young adults. Are students come to us for two major reasons. People start to become aware of blind spots in their knowledge through personal discovery or parental guidance or they start to assume responsibility for their futures and want to know that they are prepared to enter the real world with the ability to thrive.

We designed the delivery for this knowledge to be completed in a way that best matches the individual taking the courses. Our "How to Learn & Plan" course helps every student design the right schedule for them. Whether it is planning the course around school work, sports or employment. For our high school students we've found that a popular option is to take the courses in the summer. Not only do you learn this valuable knowledge but you also combat the Summer Learning Gap. Regardless of what you choose, we are confident the knowledge you attain will have a lasting and positive impact on you as you continue life's journey!