How It Works:

The courses and course bundles are meant to fill in the knowledge gaps that children and adults commonly have in life. Gaps exist for many reasons; we live in an increasingly complex world, parents are stretched thin for time and aren't necessarily experts in all subjects, and schools focus on good traditional learning but that means they have little ability to expand into subjects that we cover. Our courses are designed to prepare people for life experiences, so when they first encounter that experience that they know generally what to do. It might appear obvious to you what to do if you're involved in a car accident, but for someone who has no experience or has never been taught what to do under that stress it can be an incredibly foreign experience. You want people to have a general knowledge base to guide them out of circumstances to mitigate their risk, danger, or costs. The same is trues for taxes, health, law and the rest of our subjects. Based on what stage of life you are at we've designed this knowledge base across several bundles so that it is best customized for your needs, below are the segment breakdowns.

High School Students

Our primary goal is to help high school students learn all the things they'll need to know for when they graduate and enter the real world. We designed the ideal delivery for this knowledge to be completed in the summers between school grades. We did this firstly because students correctly need to focus on their high school subjects during the year, so it is more ideal for retention of material that they complete it over the summer, but also because of the summer learning gap(see graph below). This is the gap that occurs between students that shut off their brains for the summer and ones that stay actively learning. When a student chooses to actively learn over the summer it creates a compounding impact for the rest of their school life. Think about it like two athletes: one athlete after the season is over stops training completely and eats whatever, the second athlete after the season is over also takes a break, but continues to run and do light exercise and is watching what they eat just a little. When the training season starts up again who will be farther ahead? I think the answer is fairly obvious, its the second athlete who didn't stop or even lose out on progress made during the active season that will now start ahead of the first athlete. Doing this every summer has a significant impact on a students learning ability and IQ.

Summer Learning Gap


Our secondary goal is to help adults who have entered life without these critical knowledge bases get them now. We created a condensed course with the most crucial subjects for an adult to know. It doesn't matter if you're 20 or 45 or any other age, these subjects are a part of life and increasing your understanding of them will enhance your ability to deal with them as they arise in your day to day life.

New Immigrants

This is a sub category under adults as we think that a course like ours will be incredibly useful for a new immigrant to understand the new landscape that they find themselves in. It doesn't matter where you come from, BC is a very unique enviroment and the better you understand it the better you can thrive in it.