Our mission is to help prepare people from all walks of life, from all different situations, with the proper tools and knowledge to tackle life. We want people to be prepared for all that life is likely to throw at them, to be able to survive, overcome and thrive!

Giving Back

One of the things I'm most excited for is our ability to give back to communities and hopefully improve lives around BC. We've pledged that for every 5 Courses completed that we will donate a course to a child from a low-income family. We already have volunteers partnered with us to help find children that will benefit from this the most. In the future we'd like to have a page dedicated to the positive impacts we have as these young adults enter the real world!

Our Story

The idea for this site came about very organically. I'm the eldest of 6 and I've always helped my siblings through life experiences like taxes, going to school, etc because I was the first of the family to head into the real world. They let me know how beneficial it was for them to have guidance on subjects like these as they wouldn't otherwise have known anything. That coupled with conversations with colleagues that inevitably encountered a life experience they hadn't been prepared for all seemed to say the same thing; "I wish I had learnt that in high school." From there the idea was born, I understand that schools are already packed with the material they have to deliver, so I realized that the approach would have to be from outside the school system. After much investment and years of work we finally have a way to help people be that much more prepared for life!