Course Structure & FAQs

What you will learn:

The outcome of this course will be to give you a solid understanding of taxes you will pay as a resident of BC from every level of government.

To familiarize you with your responsibilities as a taxpayer.

Provide you the basic skill set for understanding how much you pay and the right questions to ask come tax time.

*Of note: tax rates and tax code change year to year. We do our best to capture all these changes, however the vast majority of our content is applicable regardless of the minor changes. For example: understanding how the tax brackets work won't be less valuable if we use 2016 rates or 2018 rates, the core concept is still taught.

Time Commitment:

This course should take you roughly 10-20 hours to complete. Of course take as much time as you need and be sure to structure your learning plan as you need.


  • Every "Lecture" has a quiz to be completed. These are not graded, so you can do them over to get the correct answer so you learn for what will be on the tests and exams.
  • Most "Sections" will have a test to be completed. These are graded, so you only get one attempt to get these right. Make sure you study the Section material and complete all the quizzes.
  • Every "Course" will have a final exam to be completed. These are graded, so you only get one attempt to get these right. Make sure you study all the Section material and complete all the quizzes and tests before attempting the final exam.


  • We highly encourage you to take notes, this will help you remember the course content.
  • If you don't feel ready for the final exam, a good strategy is to go through the course and the quizzes again.
  • If you need further help understanding a subject try researching it or finding something on YouTube, it might click better for you and it's an important skill to build for learning in high school, life and university.
  • It is important to complete "Homework" sections as many of them appear on tests and final exams


  • We have released this course early to provide early access to those who want it. This course is complete but might see enhancements and editing in the the future.
  • There is no time limit on this course - take as long as you need to complete it.
  • You will receive a Certificate upon completion of this course.


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